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There's been a change to the wifi login info.  Click the link above for the new details. 


With the event just a week away, you should be starting to think about what you're going to build and who's going to be on your team. You can and should build any hack you want. We find that the best hacks solve problems that you yourself experience - i.e. scratch your own itch. 

We don’t normally announce categories or challenges for hackers before the event, but as this is our 4th outing in India and due to the very special All Star prize, we wanted to try something different. We would therefore like to introduce you to 3 challenges that you can hack around if you’d like too. These challenges are NOT compulsory. Below are the 3 challenges with some examples.

          Mobile Challenge:

Even as India is moving towards 3G, hundreds of millions of people will still be using feature phones, SMS and voice. What engaging, easy to use applications can be built that makes content consumption and communication engaging on feature phones, SMS and Voice?
Eg. Voice updates – Favorite song played on phone
-SMS apps – Interesting SMS apps on Local News, bus/train schedules, traffic updates based on user opt in.

Entertainment Challenge:
As more Indians consume the Internet, local language, education, sports & entertainment related content becomes critical. How can we make it easy for these users to be entertained on the device of their choice, the language of their choice , discover and engage with content of their choice?  
Eg. -Language & Local relevance – Serving Rajnikant info in Tamil & Mohanlal info in Malyalam based on users geolocation/preference
-Users are served different video quality based on the device they access from, connection speed etc.

Location Challenge:
Users are increasingly looking for local, social and personalized experience. What engaging location based applications can be built that has elements of social engagement (Games/Sharing content/commenting/reviews/communicating) and content consumption (News/Weather/Maps/Movies/Travel) ?
1. A mobile App that flashes a message when a friend has reached within 2Km distance from you.
2. A location-based gaming application - for example, treasure hunt?
3. A trip planner that combines your location data with calendar-schedule and helps you plan better at any point in time.

If you do decide to hack around one of these challenges, then I will provide you with some more information during the event. 


Anil Patel

22 July 2011


We are very excited to announce a special award for an outstanding team or individuals selected by our panel of judges at the Open Hack event. The very special All Star award winners will be invited to participate in the Yahoo! Hack All Stars event in New York on September 13th-14th*. This is an invitation only hack event, open to Yahoo! Hack winners from around the world. Yahoo! will provide flights to and from New York and accommodation for the duration of the event.


Anil Patel

21 July 2011



The agenda for the event is now live. The schedule may change slightly so do keep on eye on it. I will post more information about the talks and speaker soon. 


IRC Channel

I have set up an IRC Channel for you to talk to other hackers. I will set up some times where you can ask questions to Yahoos about our technologies or about the event. I will post more inforation about this on the IRC page. 


For others who are connecting via clients the IRC channel is irc://


Anil Patel

05 July 2011


Thank you all for registering to attend the Yahoo! Open Hack India event in Bangalore. If you have received an email granting you access as a writer to this site, then you have been accepted to attend the event on 30th-31st July 2011.


This wiki is an informal channel for us to reach out to all the hackers and send you critical information such as agenda updates, technology updates, FAQ, Hacker Checklist... We will be posting all our communications here as well. Please use this site as your collaboration tool with us and with the other fellow hackers.


Please use hash tag #openhackindia for Twitter


Anil Patel

24 June 2011