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Event Information

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Yahoo! Open Hack is Back!


The Yahoo Developer Network is very excited to announce the return of Open Hack India, to be held on the 30th and 31st of July in Bangalore, India. This event will mark the 4th Open Hack in India and Yahoo!'s 15th Global Open Hack event.

The last India Open Hack held in Bangalore in 2010 was a huge success with over 600 developers and designers hacking into the wee hours and producing an astounding 110 fantastic technology hacks. We are planning to make this event even bigger and better then before. 

We hereby issue a call to action for developers and designers from all across India and Asia to come to Bangalore and participate in this most awesome of events!

Yahoo! will provide you with everything you need to have fun, be creative and productive, and impress your peers with what you can do with a computer and the wealth of technologies and data available on the Web.

We will be fueling your creativity with a variety of Yahoo! technologies and APIs, including YUI, YQL, Flickr, Updates, Answers, and more. We will introduce you to lots of wonderful data sets that are ripe for mashup and visualization. We will keep you fed, watered and entertained for the duration of the event. All you need to bring is your creativity, your laptop, and your toothbrush.


What is Open Hack?

Firstly, what is hacking? For newbies to hacking here is a great introduction on 
Hacking 101 by Chris Heilmann or check out Ricky Montalvo's Hackumentary.

Our FREE event will begin with a series of hack-related presentations from some of the Web’s most respected developers. We’ll then dive into 24 hours of hacking using a great collection of web tools, services and APIs from the Yahoo! Developer Network, and other APIs and data from around the Web. We will end the event on the second day with the hack demos plus bragging rights until the end of eternity or the next Hack Day, whichever comes first.

If you’d like to attend the event, then please register here. Due to the limited size of the venue, we will be reviewing applications for attendance and giving preference to those we believe will best be able to contribute to the design or development of a hack at the event. You could be hacking individually or in groups but please sign-up individually.

What do you need to know?

Everything you need to know about our open technology you can find on The Yahoo Developer Network at 
developer.yahoo.com , which also includes links to our latest open platforms.

Once you have received confirmation of your place at the event, you will be added to the pbworks site that has been set up for the event. This site will contain all the information you will need to attend and participate in the event. The pbworks site will go live by the 27th June and you will be sent the url in your confirmation email. 

Where and When?

The event will be held on the weekend of the 30th-31st July at the LaLit Ashok Bangalore Hotel (http://www.thelalit.com/the-lalit-ashok-bangalore/getting-here). This is a new venue from our previous Open Hack event to accommodate a larger number of developers and designers. 


Doors will open at 8:30am on 30th July with the first tech talk starting at 9:15am

Other Info 

You could hack individually or in groups but please sign-up individually.

There are 2 types of attendees’ registration choices: Please only select one.

  Tech Talks Ticket

  • For those who are interested in attending the Technology Seminars and presentations on Saturday morning but not the main hack event. If you sign up here, you will be asked to leave after the tech talks end on Saturday. You will however be invited back to the hack demos on Sunday afternoon. 

Hacker Ticket

  • For those who are pure of heart, love hacking up new ideas, creative souls, free-birds, possess entrepreneurial passions, or just want to build something for world peace… for a 2 day overnight tech mayhem & hacking bliss session – including the Saturday Tech Presentations, hacking through the night, Sunday demos & judging & awards...

Book your place now! You know you want to. Due to the limited size of the venue, we will be reviewing applications for attendance and giving preference to those we believe will best be able to contribute to the design and development of a hack at the event. We will send “Open Hack Day Confirmed” emails within two weeks of your registration and before 25th July to all lucky hackers.

If you have any questions, please email openhackindia2011@yahoo-inc.com
 with "Open Hack India Query" in the subject line.


Thanks and see you in July!


Comments (10)

Sakthipriyan said

at 2:37 am on Jun 28, 2011

In the confirmation mail, Anil hasnt mentioned the type of participation. Should I bring the order confirmation mail as well?!?

b n patil said

at 12:56 pm on Jun 29, 2011

yes.. u should bring the printout of the confirmation mail. thank you :)

raghav.chandra@ymail.com said

at 5:31 am on Jun 28, 2011

Order which u place is enough for that. Anil has confirmed for that order.

infantaf@... said

at 10:03 am on Jun 29, 2011

last time also i was nt mentioned if i m nt wrong...

infantaf@... said

at 10:07 am on Jun 29, 2011


Yahoo! Hack USA said

at 6:00 pm on Jul 5, 2011

You should only have registered for a hacker or a tech talk ticket. If you registered for both, then I deleted your tech talk ticket, as you are covered with the hacker ticket for everything. Everyone should only have one confirmation email, either hacker or tech talk.

raghman said

at 8:59 am on Jul 26, 2011

Is there any spot registeration on 30 th morning? Bcoz my friend wants to participate in the yahoo open hack event .

Ashutosh Narayan said

at 8:36 am on Jul 27, 2011

With a Tech Talk Ticket, I can attend hack demo on Sunday ( 31st- July ) right ?

SkyKOG said

at 9:25 am on Jul 27, 2011

Nope u need the hack ticket ...

Ashutosh Narayan said

at 10:01 am on Jul 27, 2011

The * Other Info * section with a Tech Talks Ticket, above says - " You will however be invited back to the hack demos on Sunday afternoon. " So, is it by invitation or I'm allowed to ?

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