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Answers to all your hack queries (ask one, go on!)


1:  How much time do hackers get to develop their hacks ?

A:  Official Hacking time at the venue is from 1:00pm on Sat 30th to 1:00pm on Sun 31st July. You could be working on your hack right now as we speak. Hacks MUST be submitted by 12:00pm Sun 31st. You can continue to edit your hack until 1:00pm. 


2.  What is hacking?

A:  For newbies to hacking here is a nice presentation on Hacking 101 by Chris Heilmann


3. Is it ok to use non-Yahoo APIs? 

A: Yes it is ok to use non-Yahoo APIs. But this is also a good time for you to try out the Yahoo! Open Platforms and YQL. Maybe you can mash-up the Y! APIs with the non-Y! APIs and come up with an awesome hack! We will also have talks from some of our partners talking about their APIs.


4. If I registered only as for the tech talks, will I be permitted to stay for the whole Hack event?

A: No, you will not be allowed to stay. If you registered as just for the talks, then once the morning sessions of the talks are done at 1:00pm on Saturday 30th, you will be asked to leave the event. You will be able to come back on the Sunday afternoon for the hack presentations. Only Hackers will be allowed to stay for the whole 2 days. If you decide that you do want to hack, please go to the registration help desk and we can see if there is space for you.


5. I understand some hackers will be onto something right away, but for those who have no clue about Yahoo! APIs, are there some suggestions?

A: Yes!  Take a look at http://developer.yahoo.com/everything.html which has info and links to documentation on all our APIs and cool resources.


6. Can hackers present a sort of blueprint to a hack without actually having to implement it?

A: No, you will need to show a working demo of your hack


7. Can hackers form teams amongst themselves, or give out feelers to be interested in forming a team?

A: Yes please! Check out this link: Join-a-Team


8. Should I be taking care of my own hardware needs, like a laptop? If there are any other hardware needs, do put up info about the same.

A: Look at this page for what you should bring: Checklist


9. It's hard to provide a wireless structure for a few hundred people. Particularly when they are doing more than just "loading webpages". Should I bring a switch so my team-members and the devserver are connected by wire

A. The venue has a well established and stable wifi that has more than enough capacity for the numbers we expect at the event. We are working closely with them to ensure a smooth event and are also planning for any contingency. Unfortunately, you may not be able to connect your switch to a wired connection there. I would bring along your switch anyway in case this changes.


10. Will Yahoo! be providing accommodations on the Friday and Sunday nights?

A: Yahoo! will not provide accommodation on the Friday and Sunday night. The Open Hack event starts at 8:30am on Saturday 30th and ends at around 7pm on Sunday 31st July. We will have a sleep area for you to grab a bean bag and nap on Saturday night. We have never provided accommodation for hackers on the 2 nights either side. 


11. Could I collaborate with another hacker over IRC who might not be present at Open Hack? Would it make a difference in any case?

A: If you are seeking help with bugs or issues with your app outside of your team (either at the event or online) then that is totally fine. Using an IRC to get help has been done many times at other Open Hacks. One person must be present on Sunday to present the Hack live. If you are collaborating with someone during the whole Open Hack event, then you should include that person as a member of your team, even though they are remote.


12. Are unconference sessions and BOFs allowed?

A: We will set up 'lightning talks' on the Saturday afternoon where hackers can talk in 10 minute sessions. This will be set up in the last week before the event. 


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Robin Kishan Arora said

at 9:07 am on Jul 26, 2011

My friend who would have been my teammate did not register for the event. He works with Yahoo!.
- Can Yahoo! employee be teammates of open hack participants?
- Can he participate as my team mate on the event?

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