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Join or Create a Hack Team


If you want to create or join a team why don't you add your request here?

This page is NOT for you to register your teams. This is just a tool for you to form teams if you don't already have one or if you want to join a team. The registration of teams will happen at the Open Hack event


Team Size

We are limiting team sizes to no more than 4 members. Anything more we believe is a) not fair to individuals & smaller teams and b) probably not optimal for a creating a hack! So please limit your teams to 4. Thanks.


If you are an individual seeking to be a part of a team there's another table below this one. Enter yourself there.




Team Name

Creator (Contact + Skills)

or Looking to join a Team

Team Members (Contact + Skills)

or Wannabe Team Members


The Brits

apatel[at]yahoo-inc[dot]com + Pbwiki Hacker
  1. mrowan[at]yahoo-inc[dot]com + YQL guru
  2. nelsonvm foobar + ideator  
  3. Looking for a PHP & Maps expert
Null Pointers  Dhruva Krishnan dhruvakrishnan[at]gmail[dot]com + Front End guy

1. Saurabh Minni saurabh.minni[at]gmail[dot]com + PHP Guru

2. Ashwin Murali ashwin.murali[at]gmail[dot]com + WP G33k + PHP G33k

3. Amit Khare bangalore.amit[at]gmail[dot]com + PHP Guy

4. Prashanth HN prashanth[at]prashanth[dot]net + PHP Master + WP Guru + Startup ninja

Jaguar  Shirish Goyal shirish.goyal@gmail.com + PHP Developer

1. Rajan Vaish

2. SathishKumar Kandasamy

coolHackers  Mohammed Yasar Arafat + PHP Developer
1. Naveen DS + PHP Developer

Vivek Rp. vivek@oxitech.net (PHP Developer + UI Designer)


1. Vivek Rp
2. Sandy M (Developer)
Looking for some more hackers who are good with Yahoo API's. 
Magnum 4.0  @prashishh - The Creator, PHP Ninja

@prashishh - The Creator, PHP Ninja

@rabi_shah -  The Producer, Linux Guru

? - Yahoo! API

? - Python


Sandeep Bhaskar [PHP/Python Developer] 


1. @oligoglot Co-founder, Ideophone [Perl/Python Guru, Data Extraction & Search]

2. @anenth Co-founder, Ideophone [Mobile apps: Android+J2me expert, Designer/UX Specialist]

3. @sandeepbhaskar Co-founder, Ideophone [Server side: PHP/Python] Web APIs

4. Any complementary skill set wanna join?

The Infinite Loop 

Shreyas Kulkarni [PHP Developer] 

shreyas [at] bluehood [dot] co [dot] in

1) @shreys91 - PHP Developer

2) @NithinBiliya - PHP Developer


Balachandar K M (PHP/Python Developer)

Kannan P (PHP Developer)

Ramkumar K (PHP Developer)

Selvakumar A (PHP Developer)





Individuals seeking teams
Name  Contact Info

Skill sets

E.G. Anil Patel  E.G. apatel@yahoo-inc.com.  

C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, UNIX/Linux,

Shell Scripting, Perl, Python, MySQL, Javascript


Akash Manohar  akash@akash.im  Ruby and javascript fanatic, Polycode
Jonathan Maim  jonathan.maim@gmail.com

JS, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, WebGL, Python, 


Vipin Nair
PHP, CouchDB, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Js, Python in that order.
Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay  sarbbottam.bandyopadhyay@gmail.com  HTML5, CSS2.X, JavaScript, Java, JEE, Unix YUI3.
Muthu Subramanian
C/C++, PHP, MySQL, Python, Unix/Linux, ...
SathishKumar Kandasamy
Abishek Bhat  bhat.abishek@gmail.com  JS,NodeJS,jQuery,MongoDB,RoR,HTML5,CSS3,Java,Have played around with Android for quite sometime.
 Vivek Gupta mail@vivek-gupta.com/letter2vivek@gmail.com PHP/MySQL/CodeIgniter/Javascript/jQuery/Photoshop/xHTML/CSS
Sathya Bhat  sathya@sathyasays.com  SQL, Linux, Basic Python 
Srikanth Janardhan  srikanth.janardhan@gmail.com  HTML5+CSS+jQuery+Codeigniter+jQuery+WP+iOS
Neha Gupta
PHP, HTML-CSS-Javascript, Jquery, YUI2, XUL, some experience with Android,
Vikas K
Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Linux, Shell scripting, SQL
Sreeraj  writetosrj@gmail.com  Python, Unix, C
Bibhas C Debnath  iambibhas@gmail.com  PHP and its Frameworks, C#.NET, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, Various APIs, Java, Little bit Shell scripting and Android app development.
Krishna Aadiseshon  krishnakummar@gmail.com  MongoDB, FB-Dev, PHP, jQuery, YUI, C#, R programming, Social Apps 
Sudheer Satyanarayana
PHP, Python, JavaScript, APIs, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Vreddhi Bhat vreddhi.bhat@gmail.com javascript, couchDB,Java, shell scripting, android application dev basics
Balaji Narain balajin@thoughtworks.com HTML/CSS/Javascript/YUI/JQuery/Java/Bash Scripts/J2EE Stack/MySQL
Abhinay Omkar abhiomkar@gmail.com

Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, django, jquery, Shell Scripting, C++

Pradeep Murugesan peeps35@gmail.com

Having Hands on Java,JavaScript,Python and Perl. Love challenging works and can learn things quickly.

Sravan Kumar Yakkali withusravan@gmail.com C/C++, Basic HTML and Shell Scripting, Unix, Linux. Love challenging work and learn new things quickly.
Sohan Maheshwar sohan.maheshwar@tarams.com Objective-C, iOS programming. C/C++, Basic HTML, PHP, MySQL.
Praveen R  praveenr019@gmail.com  Python, Web Crawling, Django, MySQL, JavaScript, Titanium, Android, Basic HTML and CSS.
Prashanth Pamidi prashanth.pamidi@gmail.com  web design,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Photoshop,Illustrator,dreamweaver,flash catalyst
Richa Anand  riya_anand87@yahoo.co.in  stasp.net, c#, sql server, my sql , basic HTML, CSS
Glany Saldanha  glany123@gmail.com java, jsp, Flex, php, JavaScript , HTML, CSS, Ajax, SQL, Photoshop
Vijayalakshmi N  vijiayoti@gmail.com  ASP, C,C++,C# 
Avik Dhupar
avik.tk [at] gmail [dot] com
Python, C, C++, Arduino, Anything Hardware, Creative thinking, Interfacing anything with anything
Konark Modi  modi.konark@gmail.com

I am an enthusiastic about Open Source Technologies and Social Media Apps. Some of the technologies are listed below among the various other techs. I've been playing around with:

PHP/MySQL, Python,Django, Cassandra, Hadoop, YQL, Social Media APIs. This majorily wat I do apart for daily routine and thats  concentrating on systems engineering,

Amrose Birani  amrose.birani5@gmail.com  Python,Django,C,C++,Java,PHP/MySQL.Well accustomed with systems and OS programming.Also worked with hadoop mapreduce,hive,sqoop etc.Also used to aws platforms. Interested in backed coding.



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